This is an email interview from spring 2009 between Eirik from Ultima and David Helbich from interinterinter about their plans in Oslo the same year, but also about their general attitude and concepts:

What is InterInterInter planning to do at the Ultima Festival?

InterInterInter is of course doing its InterInterInter show, which consists of three parts: a piece by Matthew, one by David and the live bookbinding by David and Ping* (two davids here!). The two pieces are the same as in Bergen, but we always work out some parts differently. VORSPIEL will for example enlarge the last part with the flying recorder...

The bookbinding part always experiences a site-specific setting. Already the printing (which happens in between the pieces) needs to relate to the size of the tables, the amount of expected audience numbers, etc. Therefore we also change the specific prints: namely the audience interactive tasks and games. Not only for practical reasons, but we are still learning about the working and the fun of our requests. And fun it should be!

Ultima reaction!

A little summary of our Printing Department with nice pictures here!


Review of the event in the Dagsavien newspaper - read in Norwegian
here LinkOne internet translation reads it as this!
In the evening utspelte to NOK one-sided conditions. There ensemble asamisimasa and the British Inter Inter Inter both can be said to have the same dedicated and playful approach to what new music can be assumed asamisimasa their interpretations conducted, djuptpløyande and with great perfection, against the hine his humor, job performances. The variation between them worked well with asamisimasa's interpretation of Øyvind Torvund his "Themes from The Neon Forest Spaces" as a preliminary zenith.

LinkAnd here a blog entry with some very nice photos of the printing at

interinterinter, asamisimasa and Attåt in Oslo at ULTIMA '09

interinterinter performed, printed, organized, designed, ... a whole evening for the contemporary music festival ULTIMA'09

Saturday, 12 September '09, Litteraturhuset, Oslo
8:00 pm

interinterinter guided the audience through an evening with concerts in several rooms with live bookbinding and quizzes with prizes.

Øyvind Torvund: Themes from Neon Forest Spaces
Carola Bauckholt: Klarinettentrio
David Helbich: Vorspiel
Matthew Shlomowitz: When is a door not a door?
Laurence Crane: New work WP
Helmut Oehring: Fragile Water WP
Manos Tsangaris: Tafel
Christian Blom: al-khowarizmis mekaniske orkester

Puduced by Ny Musikk og Ultima.


For the 2009 Borealis Festival in Bergen, Norway InterInterInter devised PrInterPrInterPrInter, a project that does Interactions, Interventions and In(ter)vestigations with the Borealis Festival and its audience, featuring spontaneous performance and audience led documentation of the festival.


Programme for the Saturday night event:
Helbich -- Vorspiel
Shlomowitz -- When is a Door Not a Door?
And as always book making by the Henningham Family Press

Here is a home video taken by Svenne Janson showing a part of When Is A Door Not A Door? featuring (Norwegian) actions proposed by the audience

@ de Bijloke, Gent

InterInterInter performed at de Bijloke in Gent on 6 September 2008. It was a special "happening" styled event to launch the 2008/09 de Bijloke season.

At the beginning of each set the Henningham's printed activities (relating to the the piece being performed) for the audience on sheets of paper. Using the CMYK printing technique, they printed the activities for each successive set on top of the previous activities.

18h & 20h: Helbich -- Vorspiel
19h & 21h: Shlomowitz -- When is a Door Not a Door?
21:30: book making in the foyer with the Henningham Family Press

Matthew Shlomowitz -- When is a Door Not a Door?

@ Rational Rec, London

InterInterInter did its first show on 4 March 2008 at the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club in East London as part of Rational Rec.

The programme:
Paul Craenen - Shadow Studies
David Helbich - Vorspiel
Matthew Shlomowitz - Letter Pieces

Here are some videos and photographs showing some of the work presented as well as the audience activities and live book making.

David Helbich -- Vorspiel
Performed by Shila Anaraki, David Helbich & Tomma Wessel
Click here for the complete performance

Matthew Shlomowitz -- Letter Piece extracts
Performed by Shila Anaraki & Tomma Wessel
Click here for complete performances

Activties & live book making with the Henningham Family Press

Photos of audience activities

Who is in InterInterInter?

Shila Anaraki
has worked as a dancer with choreographers in Belgium, Germany and Holland with companies such as Wanda GolonkaSchauspielfrankfurt, Vivienne Newport Company and Les Ballets C de la B. In recent years, an important part of her work has been dedicated to working with composers (such as George Aperghis and Alvin Curran) as a collaborator, dancer and assistant.

The Henningham Family Press
, run by David and Ping Henningham, publishes short experimental books. Using silk printing screens prepared beforehand, the audience will be invited to contribute to activities that relate to the works being performed during the event.

David Helbich studied composition with Mathias Spahlinger. Based in Brussels, his work has been performed at festivals such as Something raw (Amsterdam), Welcome back mister Paik! (Antwerp), Wien Modern and Argos Festival (Brussels).

Matthew Shlomowitz
is a London based composer of concert music and performance pieces. He has written works for asamisimasa, Champ D’Action, ELISION, Ensemble Offspring, Ives Ensemble, Quatuor Diotima and the Ricciotti street orchestra.

Tomma Wessel is a German recorder player living in Belgium. She performs with Ex Tempore, Musica Antiqua Köln, Champ d’Action, Collegium Instrumentale Brugensis, Il Novecento, Het Spectra Ensemble, Het Vlaams Symfonieorkest en Das Urensemble and is a member of the recorder group Aspara.

What is InterInterInter?

InterInterInter is a group that produce inter-disciplinary art events featuring performances, audience activities and live book making.

The group is made up of 6 people with varied backgrounds in dance, music performance and composition, visual arts, literature and screen printing.